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Cut Flowers
1995, 1-color screenprint, sh: 21.75"x 29.75", ed: 42. $500.

Mirror Image
1992, 14-color screenprint, sh: 28.5"x 41", ed: 37. $1800.

Keeping Autumn
1991, 19-color screenprint, sh: 41"x 28.5", ed: 42. $1800.

Red Poppies
1990, 14-color screenprint, sh: 21.75"x 29.75", ed: 62. $1350.

1989, 18-color screenprint, sh: 22"x 30", ed: 61. $1500.

1987, 17-color screenprint, sh: 21.5"x 28", ed: 67. $1500.

Drawingroom Still Life
1986, 20-color screenprint, sh: 29.5"x 21.5", ed: 59. $1500.

Blue Chenille
1985, 18-color screenprint, sh: 29.5"x 21.5", ed: 56. $2100.

Red Chair
1984, 20-color screenprint, sh: 29.5"x 21.5", ed: 50. $4500. (rare)

Sondra Freckelton: Biographical Sketch

Sondra Freckelton was born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1936 and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She began her career as a sculptor working in wood and plastics, exhibiting under her married name, Sondra Beal.

During the early 1970's Ms. Freckelton was one of several noted abstract artists who turned to realism in their work. She began working in transparent watercolor -- a logical extension of the delicate watercolor studies she had done for her transparent cast-resin sculptures. Numerous museums, galleries and traveling shows throughout the United States have exhibited her watercolors. She has had solo exhibits at major galleries in New York, Chicago, Washington, D. C., and San Francisco. Various public and corporate collections include her paintings. Ms. Freckelton's work and teaching philosophy are the subjects of the recent Watson-Guptill publication entitled Dynamic Still Lifes in Watercolor by M. Stephen Doherty. She also teaches watercolor workshops and judges art competitions. Sondra Freckelton and her husband, artist Jack Beal, live and work near Oneonta, New York, and in New York City.

Print images © Sondra Freckelton 1984-Present