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New Editions

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Only When
2001, 12-c screenprint, 41" x 28.5", ed: 36. $1500.

When Only
2001, 9-c screenprint, 41" x 28.5", ed: 33. $1500.

News Release

American painter and printmaker Steven Sorman has created two new screenprints in collaboration with Stewart & Stewart. The limited editions, titled "Only When" and "When Only," are abstractions of keyholes, ribcages and fire shapes overlaying one another in whirlpools of color. Travelling from his picturesque country home in Ancram, New York, the internationally renowned artist visited Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in April 2001, to work with Masterprinter Norm Stewart. Specializing in screenprints for over twenty years, the fine art printer and publisher is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association.

Sorman is noted for artworks that are visually complex. His surfaces are rich, varied and detailed, and full of vivid color. "Only When" is composed of metallic gold, warm reds and blues. "When Only" features a swirl of blues, whites and metallic gold. Each print is $1250. Requests for information can be also be made by telephone at 248.626.5248, e-mail: or fax: 248.626.0972.

"Only When" is a 12-color screenprint in a limited edition of 36. "When Only" is a nine-color screenprint in a limited edition of 33. Both editions are printed on Rives BFK White paper measuring 41" high x 28.5" wide (104.1 cm x 72.4cm). The image size of "Only When" is 36.6" high x 24.9" wide (93.0 centimeters x 63.2 centimeters). The image size of "When Only" is 36.6" high x 24.6" wide (93.0 centimeters x 62.5 centimeters).

Art critic and curator Mason Riddle observed that, "Where some artists make a career out of bold stylistic shifts, Sorman excels in a consistency of artistic practice. With the eye of a connoisseur, he discriminately borrows formal elements from the aesthetic trove of his past to create a more visually compelling present." Likewise, in these new screenprints, Sorman drew elegant lines of organic and symbolic images on Mylar sheets that were then expertly hand-printed by Masterprinter Norm Stewart, noted for his ability to print transparent layers of color. The collaboration resulted in two vertical prints with a vitality of surface treatment that tickles the senses.

Steven Sorman: Biographical Sketch

Steven Sorman
was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1948. Internationally known as a painter and printmaker, Sorman earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Minnesota in 1971. Since 1994, Sorman has lived and worked in the picturesque countryside of Ancram, New York. He is best known for his multimedia, complex paintings, drawings and prints. Sorman is a master at orchestrating theme, line, layer, media, and color into challenging images that demand a rhythm of eye movement throughout his artwork.

Among museums internationally that include his work in their collections are the Stedkijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, New York, the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Commissions include the Springhill Foundation, Prudential Insurance, IBM, Honeywell and Hyatt Regency. Sorman won the Bush Foundation Artist's Fellowship in 1979, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Merit World Print III Award in 1980, the Rockefeller Foundation American Center Artist in Residence in Paris in 1982 and the 2nd Bhrat Bhavan International Biennial of Prints Merit Award in 1991.

Since 1970, over 80 one-artist exhibitions have featured Sorman's work in galleries in Singapore, Sweden and the United States. Most recently, he soloed at the Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden; the Atrium Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri; the Morgan Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri; and Flanders Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His work has been exhibited in numerous invitationals. In the 1970s, prestigious exhibits included the Paper as Medium, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. C., 1978; 21st National Print Exhibition, Brooklyn Museum, New York, 1978; and the 13th International Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, 1979. In the 1980s, Sorman was invited to exhibit Bienal Americana de Artes Graficas, Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia, Colombia 1981 and The 1980s: Prints for the Collection of Joshua P. Smith, National Gallery 1989, among others. In 1990, Independent Curators, Inc. included Sorman's work in its exhibits.

Art critic and curator Mason Riddle noted the subtle evolution and reinvention of Sorman as he wrote, "Where some artists make a career out of bold stylistic shifts, Sorman excels in a consistency of artistic practice. With the eye of a connoisseur, he discriminately borrows formal elements from the aesthetic trove of his past to create a more visually compelling present. His creative slate is never wiped clean, only refined. Nor does one ever sense that a mark has been made, a form envisioned, or a process explored just 'to try something new.' While a new spirit is often evident, it is one that is confident with the past."

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