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Mokronoge (The Promise to Hagar)
2015, litho w/chine-collé, 22.5” x 30”, ed: 35, $1200.c


2015, litho w/chine-collé, 22.5” x 30”, ed: 35, $1200.c


Winter Landscape with a Monument
2015, woodcut, 20.25” x 25”, ed: 15, $800. c


2011, litho, 23.75"h x 35.75"w,  ed: 25   $750.c

2011, litho, 36.0"h x 24.0"w,  ed: 25    $850.c

2011, litho, 23.75"h x 36.25"w, ed: 25    $800.c

The Night Studio (Rumor de lobos grandes)
2008, woodcut, 37.5"h x 51.5"w, ed: 5.  POR

In The Western Land (AHISTORICAL)
2008, ed: 50, woodcut, 22"h x 30"w, ed: 50. $500.

They Spin Finally (sono tutti indispensibile)
2008, woodcut, 25"h x 35"w, ed: 50.  $800.c

What a Sacrifice (La aventura continúa)
2008, woodcut, 22"h x 30"w, ed: 50.  $800.c

Sunny Day Over The Bay (l'impossibilité)
2007, woodcut, 22"h x 30"w, ed: 50.  $850.c

The Night Watch in Green and Orange (l'éléphant)
2007, woodcut, 22"h x 30"w, ed: 50.  $800.c

Three Craters (inséparable)
2007, woodcut, 21"h x 27"w, ed: 50.  $600.c

Toy Mobile With Splash (PARODIA)
2007, woodcut, 30"h x 22"w, ed: 50 II. POR

Well Known Folly (¡QUÉ GUERRERO!)
2006, woodcut, 22"h x 30"w, ed: state II #XV/XV.  $800.c

In The Western Land (Irréversible)
2005, woodcut, 22"h x 30"w, ed: H.C. II/XV. POR

Well Known Folly (¡QUÉ GUERRERO!)
2005, woodcut, 22"h x 30"w, ed: 25.  $800.c

The Big Advenure with Red Dots (l'aventure)
2002, woodcut, 38.5"h x 25.5"w, ed: state IV #III/V  $1800.c

Starry Night in Green, Red, and Blue (endiana)
2001, woodcut, 38.5"h x 25.5"w, ed: AP.  $1800.c

Endi Poskovic: Biographical Sketch

American (born 1969, Sarajevo) Diverse scenarios and visual narratives define the graphic work of Endi Poskovic. Implied personal and social histories reference themes of cultural and environmental shifts, migration and alienation that are at once magnificent and tragic. Woodcuts in the Majestic Series provoke the viewer to attempt to construct a meaning through the simultaneous reading of the text and images, yet resist the possibility for logical classification and project infinite possibilities of interpretation. In the Crossing Series of lithographs, the unfamiliar becomes almost tactile, while the familiar provides a handhold on reality.

Born in Sarajevo in 1969, Endi Poskovic was educated in Yugoslavia, Norway, and the United States. His works have been exhibited worldwide in numerous important international biennials and triennials, and have brought him many notable awards and honors, including grants and fellowships from the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, the United States Fulbright Commission, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the Norwegian Government, the Camargo Foundation, the Flemish Ministry of Culture, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Macdowell Colony, and the Art Matters Foundation, among others. Comprehensive surveys of Poskovic’s work have been organized by the Philadelphia Print Center (2001), the Plains Art Museum (2001), the Des Moines Art Center (2006), the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art (2007), the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium, which traveled to Stad Leuven Academie en Conservatorium and Academie voor Beeldende Kunst Ghent (2009), the SUNY-Fredonia Rockefeller Arts Center (2014), Tidaholm Konstlitografiska Museet, Sweden (2015), and most recently China Art Academy Museum of Art, China (2015). Museum collections which hold works by the artist include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Harvard University Fogg Art Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Art Museum of Estonia, Fondation Fernet Branca France and many others. Poskovic is Professor of Art and Design at the University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art and Design.

Print images © Endi Poskovic 2001 - Present