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      The Flying Place
2014, woodcut, 25.5”h. x 20.25”w., ed: 30 $1650.
2005, monoprint, 29.75”h. x 22”w., $1000.

2001, intaglio/chine collé, 29.75"h.x 22.25"w., ed: 1. $750.

2001, intaglio/chine collé, 18"h.x 29.75"w., ed: 1. SOLD

2001, intaglio/chine collé, 32"h.x 42.5"w., ed: 1. $1800.

2001, intaglio/chine collé, 29.75"h.x 22.25"w., ed: 1. $750.

2001, intaglio/chine collé, 18"h.x 29.75"w., ed: 1. $450.

2000, intaglio/chine collé, 30"h.x 40"w., ed: 1. $1300.

2000, intaglio/chine collé, 29.75"h.x 41.75"w., ed: 1. $1800.

2000, intaglio/chine collé, 22.25"h.x 30.75"w., ed: 1. $850.

Semiquaver 17
2000, intaglio/chine collé, 22"h.x 30"w., ed: 1. $1100.

2000, intaglio/chine collé, 21.5"h.x 29.5"w., ed: 1. $850.

Triolet 6
2000, intaglio/chine collé, 19.5"h.x 26"w., ed: 1. SOLD

Fresh Melon
1999, silicone intaglio/chine collé, 27.75"h.x 33.25"w., ed: 1. SOLD

1999, silicone intaglio/chine collé, 30.25"h.x 22"w., ed: 1. $750.

Ram Island, Staccatto
1998, silicone intaglio/chine collé, 22"h.x 29.75"w., ed: 1. $750.

Mary Prince: Biographical Sketch

Mary Prince was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in 1948. She grew up along the coast of Virginia and North Carolina. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and a Master of Arts and a Master of Education from Columbia University. Prince spends her time between New York City, Maine, and the Catskill Mountains of New York.

Prince has a strong concern for the environment and chooses imagery that reminds the viewer of the beauty of nature in its most pristine state.

Exhibitions at the Hespe Gallery, San Francisco, and the Ralls Collection, Washington, D.C., featured Prince’s paintings and prints. Her painting Cold Dew was included in the book, The Artist and the American Landscape, by John Driscoll and Arnold Skolnick. Driscoll wrote, "Prince’s Cold Dew has the canvas sectioned to combine fifteen separate images into one. This format forces a certain intellectual concentration on imagery which intensifies its impact."

Prince created an ongoing series of paintings and monoprints that are concerned with the transformational qualities of light, water and the atmosphere and the effect these individual forces have on one’s perception of the physical world. Each painting and monoprint is divided into separate images presenting an evolution of forms symbolizing the essence of the changing atmospheric moment.

Print images © Mary Prince 1998-Present