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Village IV
2000, high-relief intaglio, 29" x 39", ed: C.P.  SOLD

Village V
2000, high-relief intaglio, 29.5" x 39", ed: C.P.  $1400.c

Blue Aerial
1999, high-relief intaglio, 35" x 24.5", ed: 30.  SOLD

Grassland Aerial
1999, high-relief intaglio, 25" x 35.5", ed: C.P.  $1200.c

Night Hills
1999, high-relief intaglio, 28" x 39", ed: 15.  $1400.c

Night Shore
1999, high-relief intaglio, 19.75" x 27.5", ed: C.P.  $1000.c

Sky Opening (CP#1)
1998, high-relief intaglio, 20" x 28", ed: C.P.#1  $1000.c

Sky Opening (CP#2)
1998, high-relief intaglio, 20" x 28", ed: C.P.#2  $1000.c

Field Studies
1997, high-relief intaglio, 24" x 35.5", ed: C.P.  $1200.c

Storm Aerial

1996, high-relief intaglio, 38.5"x30.5", ed: 25. SOLD

Red Landscape
1995, high-relief intaglio, 24.5" x 35", ed: 25.  SOLD

Structure II
1994, high-relief intaglio, 29" x 39", ed: C.P.  $1400.c

Village II
1993, high-relief intaglio, 29" x 39", ed: 25.  SOLD

Aerial Turbulence
1992, high-relief intaglio, 29" x 39", ed: 25.  SOLD

1988, 4-c high-relief intaglio, 21" x 28", ed: 50. $1000.

Paul Stewart: Biographical Sketch

Paul Stewart was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1928. He studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in fine arts from Albion College and the University of Michigan, respectively. A printmaker, Stewart is a recently retired professor of Art at the School of Art, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Over fifty museum and university permanent collections include Stewart's work. Among the collections are the Cleveland Museum of Art; Detroit Institute of Arts; The Hokkaido Japanese Painting Research Institution, Sapporo, Japan; the Library of Congress; Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Museu De Arts Contemporanea De Campins, Brasil; The National Gallery of Art; Tamarind Institute of Lithography Collection; and the Walker Art Center. He won numerous awards in exhibitions including the 5 Exposcio Mini-Gravat Internacional, Cadaque, Spain; the International Print Biennials, Krakow, Poland; the Biennial International Exhibition of Prints at the Museum of Modern Art, Wakayana, Japan; and competitions throughout the USA.

Paul Stewart is not related to Norm Stewart of Stewart & Stewart. However, the two artists share an interest in the exploration of palpable printed surfaces combined with the active shape of the handmade paper that Paul Stewart makes himself. Paul Stewart's work takes on an object-like quality that contrasts with the more abstract and theoretical juxtaposition of colors and shapes.

Print Images © Paul Stewart 1988 - Present